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High Performance Bearings Group

The High Performance Bearings group is a global division supplying high volume international OEMs in various markets, including automotive, leisure and industrial.


Rencol Tolerance RingsNorglide Bearings Backed by the proud heritage of product innovation, technology, advanced material and market leadership, we are dedicated to working with our customers using our engineering expertise to deliver standard and custom solutions in NORGLIDE® plain bearings and compounds, RENCOL® tolerance rings, and RULON® bearings that meet the most demanding automotive and other industry applications.


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Brand Promise, Saint-Gobain Bearings & Tolerance RingsFind out how we can provide you with Small parts that offer substantial benefits while making a big difference in your industry applications.




Multiple bearing and tolerance ring applications for electric motors, powertrain, seats, hinges, and steering systemsAutomotive


Consumer, Bicycle


Headsets, brake levers, forks, pedals, derailleurs and suspensions in bicycles are well represented with bearings, tolerance rings and cable liners


ElectronicsInterference bands are used to mount the bearing assembly or bearing cartridge in hard disk drives


Energy Maintenance-free and 100% weather resistant bearings for Concentrated Solar Power technologies


Industrial, Electric Motors


Industrial, Valves 


Tolerance rings for electric motors propel benefits to OEMs with improved efficiencies


Tolerance rings and bearings improve operability and longevity of pumps and valves

General Industry

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LH Thomson Reaches Out to Saint-Gobain for NORGLIDE® Bearing Technology -- See video @ YouTube 


NORGLIDE Bearing Bicycle Technology



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Saint-Gobain Bearings & Tolerance Rings -- "Making a difference for our customers"

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NORGLIDE® Bearings for Automotive Hinges

NORGLIDE® Bearings for Automotive Hinges

See our latest video demonstrating NORGLIDE Bearings in Automotive Hinge systems for weight and space savings, improvements in the painting process, noise free performance and more.