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Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics is recognized worldwide for its CHEMFAB® non-stick solutions and maintains over 40 years of product and process development experience. We hold a prominent position as the global leader in PTFE coated fabrics, PTFE fabric laminates and silicone coated fabrics used in consumer applications for food processing, electronics, photovoltaic, environmental and energy, and in industrial applications in polymer processing, packaging and textiles.


Our ongoing product development is application specific and customized to provide superior value to the customer. Our strengths lie in our continued investment and commitment to R&D and manufacturing technology. 


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CHEMFAB® is the performance coated fabric solution for manufacturers who strive for optimal performance and efficiency in processes that face challenging conditions.


CORETECH® is the fluoropolymer containing flexible laminate technology for users and manufacturers of products that need the highest level of chemical barrier performance.


ONESUIT® covers a range of chemical protective clothing and accessory equipment for hazardous materials professionals in the fire and emergency response services who want maximum protection when dealing with chemical hazards.


SHEERGARD™ is the engineered radome solution for high performance aircraft and land-based radome applications for system integrators, manufacturers and operators who require maximum equipment protection while optimizing system performance.


SHEERFILL®  is the high performance permanent architectural tension membrane for architects and designers who aspire to create iconic, unique, energy-efficient structures.



Coated Fabrics: Chemfab, Sheerfill, Coretech, OneSuit, Sheergard Brands




SHEERGARD™ telecommunication radome structures from fiberglass, quartz, honeycomb and foam cores, epoxy and cyanate ester resins, utilizing thermoset and thermoplastic processes.Aerospace
Consumer CHEMFAB® non-stick solutions for use in food applications.  Suitable for direct food contact and FDA compliant.





Fabricated Systems

CHEMFAB® fluoro fabrics are used in a number of electronic applications, ranging from wire and cable wrap to linings within high-performance electromagnetic solenoids.


SHEERGARD™ Fabricated Systems for radomes, electromagnetic windows, and shield antenna systems






CHEMFAB® fluoro fabrics provide a number of benefits , including chemical resistance and mechanical strength to ensure maximum safety and uptime in facilities having demanding flue duct environments.


CHEMFAB® fluoro fabrics are widely used as release liners in the vacuum lamination process for rigid or flexible photovoltaic modules.


Habitat SHEERFILL® architectural and acoustical PTFE fabric membrane products for exterior roofing systems and canopies.Construction
Industrial CHEMFAB® is the performance coated solution for manufacturers who strive for optimal performance and efficiency in processes that face challenging conditions, providing the longest lasting, most consistent performance materials.General Industry
Life Sciences

Protective Systems, including ONESUIT® chemical protection clothing, accessories and equipment, and CORETECH® barrier solutions.