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Foams Bonding and Gasketing

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Foams have provided practical, cost-effective solutions for almost 50 years for bonding, sealing, acoustical and vibration damping, as well as thermal management applications. These high-performance foam tapes are easy to handle, require virtually no clean-up, and can be evenly and consistently hand-applied or adapted to automated application.


Our expertise in the Construction, Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial, Electronics and Energy markets gives you confidence in our team approach to providing solutions to critical applications.


Foams Normount BondingBonding Tapes

Foam tapes, with high-performance, pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides, provide an attachment system that is a desirable alternative to mechanical fasteners and liquid adhesives. 


Our bonding tapes brands: Norfix®, Normount®, SecurEdge®, SolarBond™, Thermalbond®


Foams Korel GasketingGasketing Materials

Adhesive-coated foam tapes are compressible sealants that work under pressure. Use them in place of pumpable sealants to prevent the intrusion of liquids, air, sound and gases. Their cellular composition gives excellent resistance to compression set and high resiliency. These products will dampen shock, dissipate unwanted motion isolate vibration, and absorb impact energy.


Our gasketing foams brands: AGP™, COHRlastic®, Dynafoam®, Korel®, Lo-Skid™, Norex®, Norglaze®.


Foams Sound Proofing GreenGlueSound Proofing Materials

Noiseproofing tapes, compound, clips and sealants will help you reduce or eliminate squeaky floors, impact sound transmission, while providing excellent thermal insulating and thermal break.


Our soundproofing brands: Green Glue® and Norton CST™


Foams ThermaCoolThermal Management

Heat is the enemy of performance in microprocessors and other electronic systems. Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics thermal interface products are designed to efficiently manage heat build-up while keeping customer assembly costs to a minimum.


Our thermal management brand: ThermaCool®




Flame retardant carpet pads, window gaskets, engine baffles


AutomotiveDoor modules, emblems, hvac, weatherstrips, wheelweights, lightingAutomotive
Electronics Cell phones, bumpers, instrument panels, circuit boards


Energy Photovoltaic panels, windmills


HabitatFloor joists, panel stiffener bonding, sandwich panels, structural glazing, wall stud, window sealingConstruction
Industrial Appliance, optical, press pads, lightingAppliance