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Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Products for the Habitat and Construction Market


Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics offers a wide variety of products developed through its expertise in high-performance polymers.  Construction applications are mainly focused on the Building Envelop and Interior Acoustics.  Extrusions, Foams, Films and Fabrics products are sold into Construction.

Foams Norseal Window Sealing 

Proven in all types of commercial, institutional, industrial, and residential buildings, foams applications vary from foam tapes for cladding panel, window glazing, wall partitions and HVAC seals to our solid acrylic attachment tapes for cladding stiffener and window decoration attachment.  Also available are viscoelastic compounds for soundproofing applications used in new construction and remodeling.


Specialty Coated Fabrics are found in roofs, airports and stadiums around the world.  We also offer a complete line of fluoropolymer films that provide the highest level of UV and chemical protection in the marketplace. 


Habitat-Industrial Silicone ProfilesFinally, we also extrude different silicone profiles that are used as a specialty seal in façades.



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Roof Systems Sheerfill® architectural membrane, used in the construction of buildings with a stunning architectural profile and superior ability to transmit light.


Fabrasorb® acoustical membrane, acoustically absorptive membrane used as liners in architectural membrane systems.  Attenuates sound, as well as enhances the thermal characteristics of fabric roof systems.

Interiors & Exteriors


Floor joists, panel stiffener bonding, sandwich panels, structural glazing, wall studs, window sealing


Silicone profiles for home construction providing waterproof quality on façades, in joints and/or sealing openings 

Marine, Architectural, Construction High performance polymer Rulon® and Meldin® components and Sealing solutions 
Water Transfer & Purification Ensure product performance and preserve water purity
Water Testing & Analysis Product solutions designed to assist with accurate testing and analysis