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Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Products for the Industrial Market


Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics thrives when it comes to providing high-technology materials and components to the Industrial market.  Our longevity and extensive experience enables us to develop solutions to critical applications and uses. 

We custom engineer product solutions to meet your operating and performance parameters for a series of industrial uses that include:


  • Industrial Groupchemical processing

  • machinery

  • packaging

  • food and beverage equipment

  • plastic / rubber and wood manufacturing

  • surface coatings


From development of polymer resin components to products with high performance properties -- friction, purity, barrier/permeability, and insulating -- we are your one-stop-shop for custom-engineered solutions.




Industrial Market --

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Air Compressors & Electric Motors OmniLip® and DynaLip® rotary lip seals


Norglide® bearings and Rencol® tolerance rings for electric motors 


Chemicals & Fuels Tygon® flexible tubing, peristaltic and diaphragm pumps, indicators, valves and regulators, and Flexible Components hose and fittings: Chemical Dispensing, Chemical Processing, Chemical Regulating, and Small Engine Fluid Transfer


Dairy & Food

Tygon® flexible tubing, hoses and fittings, and gaskets and seals -- products that increase productivity and ensure high output and high standards of food quality and safety for:  Beverage Dispensing, Dairy Fluid Transfer Systems, Food & Beverage Processing

Gas & Cryogenic

Bulk tank and truck hoses, carbon dioxide polar hoses, vaporizer hose, sampling hose reels, liquid cylinder hoses and pigtail hoses for compressed gas and cryogenic chemical processing


Packaging Belting:  Side sealer belts with/without rivets, Open mesh belts for heat shrink tunnels

Heat Sealing Equipment:  Non-stick release fabrics for heat sealing wires and platens, Chemstik® self-adhesive PTFE coated fabrics for covering heating wires and platens


Textile and Screen Printing Non-Wovens: Open mesh dryer belts with various mesh sizes for thermal bonding of non-wovens

Textile Drying:
 Open mesh belts based on glass and/or high strength Aramid fabrics for textile drying

Screen Printing: 
 Open mesh dryer belts for textile screen printing

Textile Processing:  Super smooth non-stick and anti-static belts for textile thermal fusing and bonding

Technical Textiles:  Higher weight belting for lamination of technical textiles, e.g. automotive interiors

Transfer Printing:  Non-stick roll covers for dryer cylinders and press pads for transfer printing

Polymer Processing PVC Welding:  Release sheets and covers for heating platens used in PVC welding (windows, doors, pipes)

Polymer Curing ProcessesProcess conveyor belts for curing of polymers, e.g. polyurethanes

Rubber Curing Processes:  Belts for curing rubber profiles, e.g. door sealing


Thermal Lamination:  Belts for thermal lamination in continuous processing, e.g. foam, wood composites

Wood Panel Lamination:  Release sheets in a single or multi-level press laminators, e.g. wood panels

Carpet/Tile Production:  Process belts for curing/lamination in carpet and tile production

Polymer Film Production:  Non-stick covers for working surfaces in polymeric film production lines


Pumps & Valves Marathon® Diaphragms and Sealing Solutions


Norglide® bearings and Rencol® tolerance rings for industrial valves  


Diaphragm Pumps-Valves with PTFE film material for unique bending properties, excellent chemical and high/low temperature resistance